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Please. For the love of god, do not make Allison’s death about her ships.

  • Mourn the girl that called her mom on the first day of school after moving to a new town.
  • Mourn the girl that was so nervous, she didn’t have a pen to write with.
  • Mourn the girl that wouldn’t let her curiosity about her family history waver in the face of being stonewalled by her father.
  • Mourn the girl that wanted to be strong and go to prom.
  • Mourn the girl that wanted to feel powerful.
  • Mourn the girl that watched her aunt die and responded by setting her aunt’s killer on fire with her arrows.
  • Mourn the girl that cut her way out of the ropes that bound her put there by her own father.
  • Mourn the girl that wanted to save her friend against the forces determined to kill him.
  • Mourn the girl who’s family code killed her mother.
  • Mourn the girl who’s grandfather used that code to manipulate her.
  • Mourn the girl who was emotionally manipulated and used as a bargaining chip for her grandfather’s selfish needs.
  • Mourn the girl that couldn’t thread the needle.
  • Mourn the girl that found the strength to thread it after all.
  • Mourn the girl that invited darkness into her heart to save her family.
  • Mourn the girl that became the leader of her family and immediately decided to change their code.
  • Mourn the girl who wanted to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.
  • Mourn the woman who died a hero.

Mourn Allison Argent, the woman, not Allison Argent, 1/2 of a ship.

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Teen Wolf - 3x23

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Surrounded by  d a r k n e s s  yet enfolded in  l i g h t.

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[x], Jared being a drunk cutie at Nerd HQ, July 2011 (◡‿◡✿)

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hey, brother.

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